How to Self Publish a Book In 2020

Here are the simple steps for how to self-publish a book in 2020

In the past, it wasn’t smooth sailing to self publish a book, as various factors played their role to make things harder. At that time, getting a book published was a farfetched idea. It wasn’t an easy to access option, as most of the dealing was done through the agent. The publishers won’t even look at your manuscript in case it was presented directly by you. This made things difficult to understand and people were even reluctant to think about self-publishing their book. 

How to Self Publish a Book

However, things have changed, as now you can rely on different methods to publish your own book. In fact, your book can turn out to be a bestseller by using these options. This positive change has revolutionized the whole publishing industry and served many authors to start a successful career. In addition, you can even explore new horizons by entering into a Freelance Writer Agreement with a publishing company.

This suggests that you no longer need to go through the tiresome process while publishing your book. Since contacting a big publishing company isn’t required anymore, most of the authors are now turning down their offers. Apart from this, authors are taking advantage of Free Publishing services to boost their careers.

Therefore, if you have cravings to publish your book and could find a suitable publisher, self-publishing may serve as the most viable choice for you.

However, prior to making a decision, you need to understand the whole process. Given below are the essential steps that you must follow to get your book published without any hassle.

Steps to Follow

Publishing Process
Publishing Process
  • Understand the Publishing Process

In fact, there are numerous factors involved during a publishing process and understanding them would help you to self-publish your book. Here are some of the basic aspects of the publishing process:

  • Creating a Cover design
  • Finalizing the Interior page design
  • Typesetting
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Printing 
  • Marketing and distribution


  • Create a Viable Plan 

For those who are already running a business, it’s not difficult to understand what it takes to launch a new product. Since a book is the product of any publishing business, it should be introduced in a proper manner. Therefore, you must try to plan things before you actually start writing your book. Just take your time and do some research while keeping in mind the following elements.

  • Why you are publishing a book and what goals you have 
  • What time of the year you would prefer to launch your book
  • How much it would cost and do you have the budget to successfully complete this venture
  • Who is your reader or target audience
  • What will be the price of your book
  • Who will handle the distribution process

As far as the cost of your book is concerned, it mainly depends on the type and quality of printing. Hence, you need to evaluate different options while self-publishing your book.

  • Gather your Team

Even if you are planning to self-publish your book, you need a publishing team to carry out the whole process. You need to plan it at the time of finalizing the budget that which aspects of the publishing process are going to be handled only by the professionals. Once decided, you can check out different companies and look out for those to whom you can ask for quotes.

Moreover, you may hire some freelancers to create a cover design and interior layout. As far as the editing is concerned, you can hire a professional editor for this purpose. While doing all this, you will be performing the role of a project manager. Hence, you need to contact the required professionals who are willing to work on your self-publishing project. 

However, if you don’t want to divert your attention away from writing the book you can opt for an alternative. For this purpose, you can hire a company, which will provide all these services at a reasonable cost. 

  • Identify all your Resources

In some cases, authors want to design the cover page and interior layout. This requires them to purchase the software, templates, and images. However, if you want to see your book among the bestseller’s list, make sure to take assistance from a professional. 

By doing most of the things at your own will cause disorientation, as you will have to give a considerable time to look for these items and comparing them. Besides, you need to learn the software and the proper use of templates. In addition, it will compromise the overall aesthetics and visual appearance of your book. 

  • Production 

This is the step where you and your publishing team will actually start to work on the project. It involves designing the cover page, interior designing, editing, typesetting, and proofreading. Each of these tasks may take two to three weeks. Normally, editing and cover design take less time to complete, giving you some spare time to handle other tasks attentively. 

The only thing that may hold the printing process is the unexpected revisions. No doubt, this part of the self-publishing process is time-consuming. Hence, you must think about an editorial evaluation prior to editing. This will allow you to analyze the shape of your manuscript before starting its production.

  • What about Printing and Distribution

Although printing and distribution are two different things, they are closely interlinked with each other. For instance, distribution mainly depends on the printing quality and nature of your book. If you have published a business book, you don’t need a distributor. This type of book can be easily sold at conferences.

For printing, you can choose between various available options. The first one has offset printing, which is a viable choice if you need more than 500 books. However, there is a downside to it, as you are bound to get a specified quantity of books printed. Apart from self-publishing the book, the responsibility of distributing it will also be on your shoulders.

The other option you have is print-on-demand. CreateSpace and IngramSpark are the print-on-demand (POD) companies, which serve the purpose well. CreateSpace, for instance, is the most recommended name when you want to sell your book on Amazon. On the contrary, IngramSpark is ideal for any other type of platform. 

When you need small quantities, a Print on Demand Company can turn out to be your perfect companion. These companies allow you to pay only for the books that you need to be printed. The finished product is delivered to either you or the end consumer.

  • Marketing 


This step of self-publishing a book needs most of your attention and should be handled professionally. The best strategy to market your book is to do it through a proper platform. It requires you to be active on social media, start blogging and get an author website. Try to release teasers and interesting parts of your book to grab the interest of your readers. 

For this purpose, you can use Bublish, which is a popular book marketing platform. It will help you to put your book into the limelight even if you are still writing it. The whole idea behind this type of marketing is to stimulate a sense of excitement among the readers.

If your budget permits, you can hire a professional to promote your book. A promotional specialist may assist you to sell your book into bookstores and libraries.